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SOLD OUT! A Dressed Up Red Play Party & Mini Festival (DIY flogger, erotic photography, impact play and bondage)

17/09/2022 @ 15:00 - 23:00 CEST

Red Play Party

Are you looking for a place that is held with integrity, that is inclusive and welcoming, yet where you can play with your sexy fantasies, kinky desires, and tantric meditations – or just come for an organic cup of tea and chocolate?

Don’t look any further. This is the Red Play Party as created by Exploring Deeper, a day of sensual, luscious exploration in an all-embracing environment of like-minded people!

This day includes opportunities to:

  • take part in a different workshop each time by amazing facilitators (e.g. bondage, energy sex, neo-tantric practices, kinky explorations, etc.)
  • practice impeccable consent and play with the B-SMART tool for safer intimacy
  • experience your Inner Navigation System and how it tells you what (not) to do
  • have an amazing evening out, dress up, flirt, dance, cuddle, massage, play – or whatever suits your mood. We are equally friendly towards vanilla, tantric and kinky folks, the sexy sluts and the shy ones, the introverts and the extravagance.
  • get to know amazing like-minded people in the best way! We usually host a very diverse crowd that is of mixed ages, gender, experience levels, and backgrounds.



Bring a MATTRESS and SHEET, towel or other personal fabric. Also, bring SOFT THINGS (this venue does NOT have mattresses – we compensate for this by not raising the prices with inflation rates this year)

➤ This is an event for people with at least some experience in sex-positive spaces. You should be comfortable (though absolutely not obliged to participate in – on the contrary) with unclothed people and explicit action in the space. Experience with workshops related to tantra, kink, touch, cuddles, etc will do (email/pm Wilrieke if you are not sure whether this is for you now).

➤ Be aware that these spaces zoom in on your ease & challenges. You need to be comfortable with that.

➤ We will send you an email with practical information a few days before the event. make sure to sign up with your most used email address (when you have unsubscribed from our newsletter, our emails can’t reach you).


This is an event covering the afternoon ánd evening. During the afternoon there’s a workshop given by Wilrieke Sophia. The evening consists of a freeflow play party where you can design your own sweet, sexy, or other experience, maybe inspired by the wide range of toys and tools we provide (sponsored by the amazing Tailboneshop.com!).

Note: this is a red event, we ask you to be comfortable with that.


This event welcomes folks from all walks of life. We are LGBTQIIA+ informed (Wilrieke and most of her team identify as such), slut-friendly, trauma-informed, and non-monogamy informed. White folks are overrepresented in our team and life experiences are coloured through that lens. We do come from different social backgrounds and have different life experiences when it comes to health, wealth, neurodiversity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

We welcome disabled folks. This venue is wheelchair accessible and has an all-access bathroom (both via a specific entrance). If you have a person that supports you in daily activities that you need to bring for your care, they can of course come with you without buying a ticket. Please reach out if you have specific needs, and we will discuss how we can support you. In case we cannot comfort your needs, we will honestly let you know.


The doors open half an hour before starting time. Make sure to be on time! Once we have started we cannot let latecomers in!

During the opening circle, Wilrieke will welcome you all. We will start with exercises to land, get to know each other, and learn to notice what our desires and boundaries are today (the more often you do these exercises, the better you get at them!). The afternoon workshop is explained in more detail below. For this part of the day, people keep at least their undies on.

After the workshop, there is a break with home-brought dinner and time to prepare for the evening. Between dinner and the evening program, there’s an optional explanation about play party etiquette and the toys, tools, and materials we brought (recommended for everyone new to our play parties). The evening starts with dancing and some exercises to smoothly transition to the freeflow part of the evening. Half an hour before the event ends, we gather in a closing circle.


After a word of welcome and some icebreaker games by Wilrieke, we will break down into smaller groups and you get to choose:

  • make your own flogger from bicycle tires (walk-in whenever you wish)
  • erotic photography (walk-in whenever you wish)
  • ropes/bondage mastery (two rounds of 1hr)
  • impact play (two rounds of 1 hr)

Make Your Own Flogger – By Lione & MonaLisa

Creative dirty minds you’ll smile next time you’ll have a flat tire. Did you ever want to make your own flogger? You’ve come to the right place in this creative workshop. Step by step we will guide you trough the progress of making your own tool to please and tease. We will use recycled materials so your peace of joy will be sustainable to the planet. This workshop is open to whoever wants to join. We material for no more than 20 toy’s. You can participate any time you want. Mind you, we are teachers, so you can leave with some homework to do.

Erotic Photography – By ERos Heathen

Photographer ERos Heathen will create a space in the photo corner, where you can explore your sensuality and sexuality in front of the camera lens. Maybe you have never been photographed professionally before, or maybe you were and you want to share your poses and experiences with the group. The photos can be spontaneously captured or while posing. You can go in front of the lens by yourself or with your partner or in a small group. Later during the day, there will be a mini-exposition of a selection of the photos projected with a beamer. This way all participants can admire you and others in the erotic photos. Intimate sensual photography can have a healing and positively self-reflecting effect. ERos Heathen has an eye for aesthetics and loves to take you on a journey to explore your sensual expression. The photos will be deleted after the workshop, unless you are okay with (some of) the photos being used for the portfolio of ERos Heathen. You can also decide to have (more of) your photos be selected and edited in a beautiful way after the workshop for a small commercial funding. You can contact ERos via his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/eros_heathen/ The photo corner will be active for two hours. Make sure you also leave room for others by not taking up the place for too long.

Impact Play – By Anna Sophie

In this experimental workshop, we will get creative and intuitive with impact. Exploring ways to work with hands and tools on a wider than usual range of the body. The giver’s invitation is to serve the receiver and follow the signs of their body-mind in order to send them on an inner journey. The receiver’s invitation will be to surrender and trust the wisdom of their body. Some basic experience with impact is recommended (for example by having done Exploring Kink – level 1). Playing with sexual energy is an option but not necessary at all. Bring a partner you trust to play with. Anna Sophie is a pansexual neurodiverse transgender female being who loves kinky play. Has many years of experience in the field of conscious intimacy and spirituality and assisted countless workshops at Exploring Deeper. Recently she has been trained as a certified Integral Pelvic Therapist and is trauma-informed as such.

Connective Bondage – By Queertied

Bondage is exciting, seductive and intimate. The rope can be a means to make deep contact with each other and that doesn’t always mean it’s complicated.

The focus of the first of the two workshops is on technology, basic knowledge and safety. The focus of the second of the two workshops is on fun and the interaction between the knotter (rigger) and the knotted (bunny).

Being together in the moment, really making contact and having fun with each other. An important aspect is that this is not about the perfect technique and complicated knots. Rope is the means, not the end With a few meters of rope you can catch your partner, tease, overpower, cherish, caress, hug or hurt. It all depends on the intention you set in your movement and actions.

About the facilitator: Queertied is a Rotterdam-based collective organizing rope events.


Special edition: dressed-up play party! This means that during this play party you can go full-on! Want to dress up as your favourite superhero? An outfit from the roaring ’60s? Sex drug & Rock ‘Roll? A unicorn onesie? That fantasy with a teacher and a student with a short skirt? Mankini? Winny The Pooh? Go for it! (We do ask you to not dress up like repressed, harmed, or abused cultures – so no cowboys and Indians please).

After dinner, there’s the optional safer sex and play party etiquette talk for those who are new – or just as a reminder. There’s space for you to ask your questions.

We slowly start the program with dancing and some exercises again. This transitions into a free flow where you design your own experience. The team and I are available for support and inspiration – or a chat at the bar.

You can bring your own toys if you want, or try out some of our extensive spread of toys, safer sex materials, and more.

A play party is for you if:

You are sensually, erotically and emotionally savvy enough to play nicely with others. You’re a good sharer, you take good care of (y)our toys and you use your words. You are somebody who knows your own wants and boundaries and can communicate them clearly, and/or you’re someone willing to work and explore these areas for your own growth and enjoyment! You treat yourself and others with respect and kindness.

If you’re reading this, thinking, “I would love to come, but I don’t want to play,” PLEASE COME and enjoy the pressure-free company of like-minded individuals and exit whenever you wish. Really. There will be no pressure for you to do ANY activity at this party at any time.

Our biggest request is that you come with a fun-loving, warm, caring, open-minded, generous, thoughtful, compassionate, non-judgmental attitude and that you conduct yourself with the highest level of integrity possible.

Come relax. Come smooch. Come play. Come watch. (You know us: voyeurism is participation!)

All genders, bodies, and orientations are welcome.  This day has no expectations or requirements. It is a space to be expressed and celebrated, to explore! You are welcome with all that you bring and who you are – at this moment.

This event is NOT for you if:

  • you are not willing to accept another person’s ‘no’
  • this is an event for people with at least some experience in sex-positive spaces, and/or workshops on topics like tantra, kink, BDSM, cuddling, or other forms of intimacy. You should be comfortable (though absolutely not obliged to participate in – on the contrary) with unclothed people and explicit action in the space. (When in doubt, send Wilrieke a message to check in whether this is for you).
  • we actively stand for inclusion. This means that in the event no racism, discrimination, misogyny, ableism, or shaming of bodies, sexualities, gender etc are tolerated. If this is something you cannot commit to, this is not your community.
  • we accept all political viewpoints and personal opinions, but we also actively stand against the spread of misinformation and disinformation. If you are looking for places to share your viewpoints on vaccine shedding, this is not your community.
  • we will ask for a covid quick test or another way to minimise the risk of spreading covid at this event. If this is principally against your values, you may want to reconsider signing up.
  • you are looking for easy sex. You won’t find it here.


We all need touch. Here at Exploring Deeper we believe that satisfying intimacy needs to be available for everyone. To have that intimacy, a person needs to feel safe and secure in their own body. We need to know our boundaries and desires, and we need to know how to communicate them. How does a person change their life? By doing things differently, and then repeating that new way. When it comes to intimacy, our current society does not provide us with the means, tools, and places to practice our intimacy skills.

Exploring Deeper aims to create those spaces. Laboratories for exploring intimacy – deeper. We do that by creating events, sessions, materials, and professional training. All our products and services are based on the pillars of solidarity and inclusion. This means our events are meant to be a welcoming place to you, independent of race, gender, age (though 18+), s.xual orientation, relationship style, being neurodivergent or neurotypical, being disabled or non-disabled, or looks.

We acknowledge everyone is learning and may make mistakes in addressing others, ourselves included. Making mistakes is welcomed in our workshops. Intentionally causing harm by discrimination, racism, misogyny, shaming, bullying, spreading disinformation etc is not tolerated. As a team, we are actively speaking up against these issues, and repeated misconduct will lead to removing the person causing harm from the workshop and potentially withholding access to future events.

A few words on team ethics:

Integrity and creating a safer space is super important to us, the team of Exploring Deeper. You, the participants, are not our personal dating pool. There are power dynamics that can be juicy, but also abusive.

Members of our team, regardless of their role (which may be facilitator, assistant, co-facilitator, helper or participant) will not individually date people they meet in the workshop. They will not have any form of fluid exchange with participants.

We might support you in your exercises or provide a service during the play party (we’re always keen on helping you improve your spañking skills for example!).

If we have pre-existing partners or lovers in the workshop, we will disclose that at the opening of the workshop when appropriate.

If you are curious about our Guidelines for Team Members, feel free to check the full document out here.


In the week before the event, you will receive an email with detailed information for this day including the address and what to bring. Make sure you sign up with the email address that you use. Check your spam filter if you did not receive an email seven days before the event (if you have unsubscribed from our newsletter, these emails cannot reach you!).

On this page you find elaborate information about play parties, and many frequently asked questions >>>


To keep tickets at affordable pricing, we ask you to bring some (vegetarian) food to share. If you bring a bit more than just for yourself, we will end up with a luscious, abundant potluck. Made or bought with love is equally fine!

We will provide tea, water and some snacks throughout the day.


Wear what makes you feel comfortable during the workshops. Bring some layers, as you might get hot or cold. For the play party, you can play with what you want to embody or experience: maybe a hidden part that desires some unveiling? Is there a part you’d like to celebrate? Something that makes you feel safe to be in an exciting environment? Your pyjamas? Or do as I do and bring different options, so you can choose at the moment.


You find that info in the ticket shop. There is a limited amount of budget tickets, meant for people with limited financial resources. We trust you to choose the ticket that fits your situation. As our current venue does not provide mattresses and we ask you to bring soft things, we have decided to not raise our prices by 6% this year (the expected inflation rate) to compensate you for your trouble.


We want to include everyone, whatever your gender or identification is. That means there’s space for everyone, without one group getting overrepresented. Therefore there are tickets for people who identify themselves as male, female and other.

(We realize that there are many gender identities outside the binary norms. For practical reasons, we have summarized them as a category ‘other’ on the ticket sales pages. We apologize to anyone who does not feel represented by this category.)

Please only buy a ticket that represents your gender – and not any other ticket. Sold out = sold out.


We use a system of colours to explain what happens in an event with regards to sexuality:

  • White: clothes stay on, there is no sexuality or nudity. (e.g. cuddle workshops.)
  • Pink: partial nudity is allowed but genïtals stay covered. Sensual play is possible. (e.g. energy sex workshops and pink play parties.)
  • Red: full nudity and sexual interactions are possible (e.g. exploring kink, red play parties.)


You can bring ropes or other toys that may increase your pleasure for the play party in the evening. We will provide a wide range of things for shared use and to try out, partly sponsored by the amazing Tailboneshop.com.


There are administration costs involved, but refunds are possible. You are free to sell your ticket to someone else. We don’t mediate in selling tickets. (See Wilrieke’s terms and conditions). Please respect the gender of the ticket (if you buy an ungendered ticket, e.g. a budget ticket, please sell your ticket to someone with a similar gender to yours). In case we send pre/aftercare emails, forward them to the person you sold your ticket to.


You can ask for a ticket in the FB-event. Usually, there are multiple play parties planned ahead.


Then you don’t. We will never push you to do anything, nor to do anything with anyone. You can come, decide to keep all your clothes on and not touch anyone – and that’s perfect. You can also always sit out an exercise.

COVID: Check our COVID-19 protocols here: https://www.exploringdeeper.com/covid.

Ticket holders will be informed prior to the event through email. Always check your SPAM folder. If you have signed out for Wilrieke’s emails, these emails won’t reach you. Reach out to Wilrieke if you did not get any information seven days before the event.

For this workshop, Exploring Deeper’s Terms and Conditions apply: https://www.exploringdeeper.com/terms-and-conditions/.

To stay updated about workshops, events and to read Wilrieke’s blog (with hundreds of articles and videos about topics like non-monogamy, s.xuality and dealing with insecurities), check www.exploringdeeper.com and sign up for our newsletter!



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