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Queer Tantra & Energy Sex

March 30 @ 10:00 - March 31 @ 19:00 CET

This workshop combines tantra with energy sex. How can we move energy through our bodies for an interesting experience, whether this is sexual, sensual, playful, or cozy? We might even use the energy we generate for sex magick: intentional rituals with a purpose. To bring fire to a wish.

Have you been looking for tantra, but did you find places too heteronormative, gendered, or excluding? We have an approach that is queer-centered and straight-friendly. This means that you won’t hear us talk about gender and gendered practices. No dogmas. We might talk about polarity – from a stance that polarity is an agreement, and not based on gender, sex, etc. We want to create a place where tantra was as it was always meant: welcoming everyone. Whether you are queer, trans, non-binary, straight, cis, questioning, fluid, or otherwise: tantra is for you too.

Based on the practices in Wilrieke’s upcoming book ‘Queer Tantra’, we will explore a blend of more traditional tantric practices and neo-tantra. Further on in the workshop, we will add practices of energy sex: a practice once created for folks who couldn’t have physical sex but with a desire for sexual experiences. The practices appeared expansive and mindblowing for folks of all abilities. Tantra and energy sex are a wonderful combination, with the potential to fire up each other.

This workshop includes opportunities to:
. learn cool skills like the microcosmic orbit, the Body Sweep, and how to grow glittery dildos from your hands
. practice different tantric tools and meditations
. tickle all your chakras
. learn some surprising simple hacks that may change your sex life forever
. watch very juicy demos, clothed, that will likely leave you with a watering mouth, ready to try for yourself
. improve communication skills for your current and future relationships
. experience your Inner Navigation System and how it tells you what to do
. get to know amazing like-minded people in the best way!

This workshop is for both pragmatists and spiritual folks (I speak both neuroscience and woo-woo), singles, couples and other relationship constellations, folks and constellations of any gender, s.exual preference etc, tantra-newbies and more seasoned practitioners.

We will use methodologies like meditation, breathwork, dance, sharing, touch, and consent-based practices. This is a pink workshop: undies stay on at all times, though partial núdity is welcomed (and never needed or obliged).

The weekend consists of exercises that you can do on your own, in two’s, or in larger groups. There will be sharings in smaller groups and in the whole group. Towards the end of the weekend there is a play party: a contained amount of time where you get to practice what you’ve learned freely with our support and guidance.

As in all of our workshops, you are encouraged to sit out of anything. Witnessing is valid participation. If you come with a partner you are welcome to stay together for the whole workshop, or play with others too.

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Rules of Conduct

Saturday: 10.00h – 18.00h (doors open at 9.30h)
Sunday: 11.00h – 19.00h

This workshop space is called De Ruimte. Accessibility of this specific venue: there are steep stairs to access the building. There is no elevator. One inside, there are bathrooms on the workshop floor. the bathrooms are not specifically all-access. There are mattresses and you can lie down as much as you can. There is a separate room where bags etc can be stored, which can also be used as an outbreak room with minimalized stimuli.

There is a small fridge. There are no cooking/heating facilities. There are (shared) showers.

If you are curious about our Guidelines for Team Members, feel free to check the full document out here: https://www.exploringdeeper.com/ethics

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March 30 @ 10:00 CET
March 31 @ 19:00 CET
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