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One Night with a Hundred Lovers: archetypal psychology, psychodrama roleplay, shadow work, neurobiology, and shamanic BDSM – with Francesca Gentille (USA)

16/09/2023 @ 10:00 - 17/09/2023 @ 19:00 CEST

One Night With a Hundred Lovers: Role Play, Shadow Play, & Bridging Sexual Differences – Guided by Clinical Shamanic Sexologist, Francesca Gentille
Day 1: Archetypal Role Play and Inner Polyamory
Day 2: Shadow Play, Primal Play, and Shamanic BDSM

1 Night With a Hundred Lovers playfully and sensuously explores techniques to discover, uncover, and recover the complex, deliciously multifaceted tribe of beings that resides in each of our psyches. 

  • Do you know who is in bed in your head?
  • Are you curious how you could unstick old patterns in the bedroom?
  • Are you intrigued by the concept that inside your mind could be your own harem of archetypes longing to experience intimacy?
  • Would you like to discover, uncover, and recover the most authentic parts of yourself?
  • Do you love the idea of being infinitely entertained with new combinations of connections with even long-term lovers?
  • Are you looking for a place that offers participation that can be outside the heterosexual norm (but doesn’t exclude it either)?
  • Would you like to meet amazing people who can act as your research buddies, sacred mirrors, or your new friends?

In this workshop, we combine principles of archetypal psychology, psychodrama roleplay, shadow work, neurobiology, and shamanic BDSM with opportunities to: 

  • learn how to discover your Inner Archetypes
  • learn how to combine your Inner Archetypes with others consensually and safely
  • experience games, and techniques that you will be able to take home that renew passion, or shift stuck places in relating
  • watch very juicy demos, clothed, that will likely leave you in exquisite anticipation
  • learn some exciting hacks that can be used to regulate the nervous system or increase arousal in play
  • improve communication skills for your current and future relationships
  • explore another access to switching or what is called fluid dynamics
  • clarify why you or a partner may get shut down, and how to support opening up again
  • get to know amazing like-minded people in the best way!

This 1 Night With a Hundred Lovers;  The Intensive a weekend, you will learn how the practices of archetypal role play, consent, and shamanism can interact with each other to enhance all your relating. 

You can come alone (many people do), with your partner/s or friend/s. Couples may choose to stay together if that feels the most important for them. This event welcomes all levels of play. Some experience with workshops in intimacy (tantra, kink, cuddling, massage) is recommended but not required.

Note: this is a Pink Event, which means that during some parts of the event, there may be partial nudity and sensual play could be possible. At no point during this weekend, you are required or pushed to take clothes off or to be more sensual. You can participate in the full weekend while being dressed and without touching anyone. We do ask you to be comfortable with partial nudity and sensuality in the room.

This event welcomes folks from all walks of life. We are LGBTQIIA+ informed (Wilrieke and most of their team identify as such), slut-friendly, trauma-aware, and non-monogamy informed. White folks are overrepresented in our team and life experiences are coloured through that lens. We do come from different social backgrounds and have different life experiences when it comes to health, wealth, neurodiversity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
We welcome folks with disabilities. We can adapt exercises so that they fit you. Where we can we will support you. If you have a person/animal that supports you in daily activities that you need to bring for your care, they can of course come with you without buying a ticket. Please reach out if you have special needs, and we will discuss how we can support you. In case we cannot comfort your needs, we will honestly let you know.
What the weekend looks like:

This weekend is designed as a tender yet powerful deep dive into the world of archetypes, energy signatures, role play, and shadow work. 

On the first day, after a welcome and introductions, we start playing with tuning into your psyche and the ways it expresses itself in a variety of Archetypes of thought, emotions, movement, voice, and expression. We will play with a variety of ages, personas, beings, and perspectives within. In the second part of the day, you will get to play with techniques, exercises and methods of shifting consciousness, and archetypes. 

On the second day, we will take delve further into the primal, the shadow, the deep emotions, and moving internally between heaven and earth. If you want to practice specific things, ask questions (we love to geek out!), have us look over your shoulder, or dance and integrate – there’s space for it all!

Saturday: 10.00h – 18.00h (doors open at 9.30h)
Sunday: 11.00h – 19.00h
About the Facilitators:

Francesca Gentille (she/her) is a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Relationship Counselor, Radio Host, award-winning author, and expert in the use of BDSM and Tantra as therapeutic modalities. Priestess Francesca has been leading group rituals in Temples of Love, Sacred Eros, Sensual Healing, Divine Connection, Ritual Theatre, Tantric Kink, the Sacred Primal, the Hidden Self, and Healing for over 30 years. Her new 12-moon Certification is The Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healer Training.

In addition to being ordained through the Church of All Worlds, she is an ordained Isian Priestess, initiated daughter of Yemanja, initiated Mystoi of the Eleusinian Mysteries, 3rd Degree Priestess of Love & Eros, initiated Ishtarian Priestess, an initiated Priestess of Persephone, and is certified in the One Spirit Cacao Lineage. In San Francisco, she co-leads The Temple of Shadows; Sacred BDSM Temple. She is the founder of The Sacred Courtesan School of Mystery and Power. Contributing author to ¨Pop Goes the Witch,¨ ¨The Marriage of Sex & Spirit and ¨Creating Circles and Ceremonies.¨ A quoted expert in ¨ Rites of Pleasure.¨ 

She is professor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, where she is studying to receive her PhD. She has conducted workshops and presented at conferences in the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Israel, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, and England.,

Wilrieke Sophia (they/them) is a sex & intimacy educator, conscious kink facilitator, intimacy activist, TEDx speaker, writer, and founder of Exploring Deeper and Cuddle Workshops International. They identify as queer, sex-positive, polyamorous and kinky. Wilrieke is based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands where they openly combine being a mother of three daughters with their work.
The main focus of their work is empowerment through self-knowledge and understanding, radical self-inclusion, the embodied experiencing of boundaries and desires, and an extensive practice of consent – all based on a foundation of trauma awareness and neuroscience, embedded in experiential spaces based on intimacy practices. Wilrieke hosts sex-positive retreats, play parties, teacher training, and festivals. In several projects with colleagues, Wilrieke creates workshops and materials on accountability, abuse and power dynamics in the intimacy and wellness communities.
More about Wilrieke:
FB: Exploring Deeper with Wilrieke Sophia
About Exploring Deeper:
We all need touch. Here at Exploring Deeper we believe that satisfying intimacy needs to be available for everyone. To have that intimacy, a person needs to feel safe and secure in their own body. We need to know our boundaries and desires, and we need to know how to communicate them. How does a person change their life? By doing things differently, and then repeating that new way. When it comes to intimacy, our current society does not provide us with the means, tools, and place to practice our intimacy skills.
Exploring Deeper aims to create those spaces. Laboratories for exploring intimacy – deeper. We do that by creating events, sessions, materials, and professional training. All our products and services are based on the pillars of solidarity and inclusion. This means our events are meant to be a welcoming place to you, independent of race, gender, age (though 18+), s.exual orientation, relationship style, being neurodivergent or neurotypical, being disabled or non-disabled, or looks.
We acknowledge everyone is learning and may make mistakes in addressing others, ourselves included. Making mistakes is welcomed in our workshops. Intentionally causing harm by discrimination, racism, misogyny, shaming, bullying, spreading disinformation etc is not tolerated. As a team, we are actively speaking up against these issues, and repeated misconduct will lead to removing the person causing harm from the workshop and potentially withholding access to future events.
A few words on team ethics:
Integrity and creating a safer space is super important to us, the team of Exploring Deeper. You, the participants, are not our personal dating pool. There are power dynamics that can be juicy, but also abusive. Members of our team, regardless of their role (which may be facilitator, assistant, co-facilitator, helper or participant) are informed about power dynamics and their potential harmful impacts. We have created an Ethical Code of Conduct that you can find here >
In the week before the event, you will receive an email with detailed information for this training. Make sure you sign up with an email address that you use. Check your spam filter if you did not receive an email seven days before the event.
The weekend takes place in Amsterdam at De Ruimte (downstairs) at the Weesperzijde.
Reaching the venue:
CAR – Use e.g. Routenet to plan your route. Maybe carpooling feels like an option for you; feel free to post your request in de event on Facebook.
PARKING – Parking is expensive in the area. You may need to park your car a few streets away. Check A cheaper option is the P+R. gives more information about this.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT – From Amsterdam Amstel Station it is a 15 min walk. From both Amsterdam CS and Amsterdam Amstel metro 51-53-54, stop Wibautstraat is closeby. Use to plan your trip.
Some FAQ’s:
We will provide tea, water, and some chocolate. Bring lunch, and feel free to bring snacks to share!
Wear what makes you feel comfortable during the workshops. Bring some layers, as you might get hot or cold. If you feel like dressing up, e.g. for the play party – bring some options to play with!
You find that info in the ticket shop. There is a limited amount of budget tickets, meant for people with limited financial resources. We trust you to choose the ticket that fits your situation. If you cannot afford the budget tickets but want to come – do reach out, maybe we can find a way.
We want to include everyone, whatever your gender or identification is. That means there’s space for everyone, without one group getting overrepresented. Therefore there are tickets for people who identify themselves as male, female and other.
(We realize that there are many gender identities outside the binary norms. For practical reasons, we have summarized them as a category ‘other’ on the ticket sales pages. We apologize to anyone who does not feel represented by this category.)
Please only buy a ticket that represents your gender – and not any other ticket. Sold out = sold out.
We use a system of colours to explain what happens in an event with regards to sexuality:
White: clothes stay on, there is no sexuality or núdity. (e.g. cuddle workshops.)
Pink: partial nudity is allowed but genitals stay covered. Sensual play is possible. (e.g. energy sex workshops, exploring tantra and pink play parties.)
Red: full nudïty and s.exual interactions are possible (e.g. exploring kïnk, kïnky tántra, red play parties.)
There are administration costs involved, but refunds are possible within certain timeframes. You are free to sell your ticket to someone else. We don’t mediate in selling tickets. Please respect the gender of the ticket, and in case we send pre/aftercare emails, forward them to the person you sold your ticket to. Check all details in our terms and conditions.
You can ask for a ticket in the FB-event, or go to the FB group Exploring Deeper Online Community.
Then you don’t. We will never push you to do anything, nor to do anything with anyone. You can come, decide to keep all your clothes on and not touch anyone – and that’s perfect. You can also always sit out an exercise.
The backdoor of the venue has a small doorstep. There is a relatively accessible bathroom (not an all-access bathroom).
Amsterdam Municipality cars for disabled people park for free on the street in front of the building.
Check our COVID-19 protocols here, and make sure you understand our cancellation policy. We may ask for a self-test of max 24hr old for this event.
Ticket holders will be informed prior to the event through email. Always check your SPAM folder. If you have signed out for Wilrieke’s emails, these emails won’t reach you. Reach out to Wilrieke if you did not get any information five days before the event.
For this workshop, Exploring Deeper’s Terms and Conditions apply.
To stay updated about workshops, events, and to read Wilrieke’s blog (with hundreds of articles and videos about topics like non-monogamy, s.exuality and dealing with insecurities), check and sign up for our newsletter!


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16/09/2023 @ 10:00 CEST
17/09/2023 @ 19:00 CEST


Amsterdam Weesperzijde – see email


Exploring Deeper