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Navigating Intimacy

December 11 - December 12

Navigating Intimacy
Tune in to your Navigation System for a happy, healthy, human life where you feel empowered and in charge of your intimate experiences – with TEDx Speaker Wilrieke Sophia.

Most of us have learned to ignore our boundaries and desires. And this is problematic. By not knowing what it is what *we* want, we turn to the next best thing: we do what others want. Or what we think others want. Or what we think society wants.
Making choices in this way is very often not fulfilling. On the contrary: we might cross our boundaries, or even traumatize ourselves.
Especially in the realms of intimacy, there’s a lot to gain.
What happens inside you, when you meet someone you really like and want to connect with?
Can you decide for yourself what speed you want things to move? Can you tell them exactly how you do and don’t want to be touched? Do you feel confident about what you would like to explore with them?
Or, perhaps, do you feel insecure? Are you an ‘all-or-nothing’ intimacy type, where once you say yes to someone, it’s hard to say no to certain things (because you said yes to connecting, right)? Do you always find yourself being attracted to the ‘wrong’ types who leave you feeling used and empty?

Our Inner Navigation System
We all have an inner compass that tells us exactly what we want and don’t want: our Inner Navigation System. Your built-in GPS.
Tuning in to our Navigation System will connect us to what we want and need. It can help us to navigate life in a way that is nourishing, empowering, and fulfilling.
This is an incomplete list of benefits of a strong connection to your Navigation System:
– no longer depending on others to make your choice
– being able to say ‘no’ to things you don’t want
– being able to say full-hearted ‘YES’ to the things you do want
– clarity on where negotiation/compromise is possible, and what your hard limits are
– feeling empowered in intimate situations
– having access to a broader spectrum of options of connection than sex/no sex
– increased self-confidence
We can learn to contact to this Navigation System
When we let go of the conditioning that we carry in our nervous system, and rewire ourselves, we can change the way we interact with others.
When we slow down and start listening, we can sensitize our connection to our Navigation System. And once we know how it works, we can always go back.
And not just in the bedroom!
Intimacy is an amazing playground to explore our Navigation System. But strengthening my connection with my inner Navigation System has also helped me make confident decisions around running my business, parenting my kids, establishing boundaries towards friends, stopping online bullies, flirting with new people, and feeling confident when I find myself in parties where I don’t know anyone.

Navigating Intimacy is a playground in which, for two days, you will learn how your Navigation System communicates with you in your unique way. You will learn about your boundaries and desires, and practice in a playful way.
Some of the things that we’ll explore:
– the difference between a real ‘yes’ and a conditioned ‘yes’;
– the power of saying ‘no’ and how it doesn’t have to end an interaction, but rather navigate it;
– all the ways in which you consciously or unconsciously try to manipulate others into your hidden desires;
– touching and being touched for your pleasure;
– getting a Ph.D. in asking for what you want;
– a conscious laboratory to practice and strengthen your skills.
The workshop consists of practical exercises, reflection, sharing, and a guided space to practice. You’ll work alone, in pairs, and in other group constellations.

Some Practicalities
This workshop takes place in a wonderful venue in the centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Lodging isn’t included, but there are several options nearby.
Free parking and public transport access.
Saturday, 10.00h – 18.00h
Sunday, 11.00h – 19.00h
Both days have an approximate 1,5hr lunch break. On Sunday you are welcome to have a ‘soft finish’ with us: bring some food and have a chat before you go.

A note on Covid:
Check our current measures on www.exploringdeeper.com/covid. We will most likely ask you to get tested prior to the event (PCR or antigen test, self-test suffices).

No prior experience in any bodywork, personal growth workshop or otherwise is needed. This workshop is in no way a replacement for therapeutic care. Participation is not recommended for people with severe unprocessed trauma or diagnoses.
This workshop will contain touch and may contain (partial) nudity. This will always be a personal choice and is never necessary for full participation in the workshop. There will be no sexual interaction of any kind.
We welcome people of all genders, s.xual orientations, cultural backgrounds and otherwise. This workshop is suited for singles, couples, and people in other relationship constellations.

Wilrieke Sophia (she/er or they/them) is an international coach, facilitator, and practitioner in the field of s.xuality based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She openly combines being a mother of three daughters with working in the field of s.xuality.
The main pillar of her work is the same across the broad spectrum of things she brings: empowerment through self-knowledge, embodied experiencing of boundaries and desires, and extensive practice of consent.
She hosts s.x-positive events and play parties, workshops and retreats focussing on sexuality, kink, tantra, and ritual, and hosts intimacy festivals. In her client sessions, she welcomes people of all genders and supports them to embrace their s.xuality, supporting them to build a positive body image, release shame and negative conditionings, and welcome pleasure. She also runs the non-s.xual Cuddle Workshops International and brings facilitator trainings.
Close to her heart is bringing the topics of intimacy and s.xuality to the mainstream conversation. She has been writing, blogging, and creating videos about s.x and intimacy since 2011. In 2019, her work has been featured in national newspapers, magazines, and television. In October 2019, Wilrieke climbed the stage of TEDx with a talk about empowerment through intimacy and s.xuality.
She is the founder of Knuffelworkshops Nederland & België and Cuddle Workshops International, holding teacher trainings and master classes for practitioners and facilitators.
Besides all this, she’s a mother of three daughters and she holds a MSc degree in Forest and Nature Conservation.
More about Wilrieke:
IG: @wilriekesophia
FB: Exploring Deeper with Wilrieke Sophia

You will receive an email with all the information you need about a week prior to the event. Fort questions you can message Wilrieke.
For this event Exploring Deeper’s terms and conditions apply: https://www.exploringdeeper.com/terms-and-conditions/.



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