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Cuddle Workshop with Wilrieke Sophia – Delivered in Your Living Room!

30/10/2020 @ 20:00 - 21:30 CET

This event is part of ROCK THE LOCKDOWN. Rock the Lockdown is an ongoing online gathering for togetherness, workshops delivered at home, book readings, sharing circles, and other community events, initiated by Wilrieke Sophia. We will be navigating intimacy in many ways!
Joining Rock the Lockdown gives you free access to this workshop and many other events. The entrance prices start at 15€.
Check out bit.ly/rocklockevent
A Cuddle Workshop for and your friends, partner, or even with yourself alone – delivered in your living room!
Right now, we need touch and connection more than ever. Join Wilrieke Sophia in this interactive workshop where online guidance guides your physical experience.
More and more research shows the benefits of touch and cuddling, like:
❧ cuddling lowers stress. Through the release of oxytocin, the release of the stress hormone cortisol is lowered.
❧ cuddling boosts your immune system. Through increasing the number of killer cells in your body, cuddling can help fight viruses and infections.
❧ cuddling balances the nervous system. Through stimulating pressure centers in the body, the parts of your nervous system related to relaxation are activated.
❧ cuddling lowers pain levels. Touch stimulates the release of serotonin, the chemical responsible for lowering both emotional en physical pain levels.
❧ cuddling lowers fear and anxiety. Both the release of oxytocin and serotonin, as well the feeling of comfort help dealing with uncomfortable feelings.
❧ cuddling helps with feelings of loneliness and social isolation.
This workshop is part of Rock the Lockdown, and freely accessible for participants. Starting at 15€ you can join Rock the Lockdown anytime until April 1st.
Read about it here: bit.ly/rocklockevent
In these pandemic times, we are not allowed to gather in person. This is how we can still have a cuddle workshop with a group of people:
Wilrieke Sophia facilitates the workshop through a video-conference call.
You gather either
– a group of friends (they don’t need to get a ticket for Rock the Lockdown, though a donation is appreciated)
– your partner
– in case you are alone, you can participate using a stuffed animal as a partner in exercises, or visualize a partner and make this a guided meditation. You may be surprised by how effective and nourishing these methods are!
Sign in to the Zoom meeting (link provided in the Rock the Lockdown! Facebook group). Virtual doors open 10 minutes before starting time.
Listen to the guidance, as well as see other people participating through your device’s screen.
At the start and end of the workshop, there will be a circle with the whole group, starting and ending the experience together.
This workshop is for both experienced and starting cuddlers. Especially when you feel anxious or insecure about connecting with other people – this is for you. But also if you want to recharge and indulge in a night of abundant cuddles you are very welcome!
The workshop gradually builds from connecting with yourself towards connecting with others, with a lot of space to find and express your boundaries. The exercises are playful but deep.
Here’s a testimonial for you to get an idea of this workshop:
Cuddle Workshops International (and the Dutch branch Knuffelworkshops in Nederland en België) are a worldwide network of certified Cuddle Workshop facilitators.
These workshops are always strictly non-sexual in nature. Consent, respect, and inclusivity are the highest values.
To find out more about Cuddle Workshops International, or to become a certified facilitator, check www.cuddleworkshops.org.
Wilrieke Sophia is a facilitator, writer, and coach from The Netherlands. It is her mission to support as many people as possible to have intimacy as something abundant, free and safe in their lives.
Her workshops and play parties are featured on national television and magazines. People describe these workshops as life-changing, deep and powerful.
She openly writes about her personal explorations in (open) relationships, sexuality, parenting, dealing with fear and insecurity on her blog and Social Media. She operates in non-monogamous relationships and is mother of three daughters.
More about Wilrieke Sophia: www.exploringdeeper.com


20:00 - 21:30 CET
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