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Wilrieke reads from her unpublished book Bear #2

03/11/2020 @ 21:00 - 21:30 CET

This event is part of ROCK THE LOCKDOWN. Rock the Lockdown is an ongoing online gathering for togetherness, workshops delivered at home, book readings, sharing circles, and other community events, initiated by Wilrieke Sophia. We will be navigating intimacy in many ways!
Joining Rock the Lockdown gives you free access to this workshop and many other events. The entrance prices start at 15€.
Check out bit.ly/rocklockevent
Some years ago I wrote a book! I never finished the editing – and I never dared to publish it as it is so explicit.
But I feel excited to read it to you!
You can join us on Zoom, or listen to the audio recording later!
Bear/A Quest for Love on the Edge of Sexuality is about a young woman’s journey into exploring her sxxuality. This book is a story based on reality that combines a juicy read with insights into a powerful way of personal growth.
This book is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray Love meets Charles Bukowski’s Women.
It’s a raw, detailed story about Henry’s explorations, written in an explicit fashion, revealing not only the juicy encounters, but also the emotional and mental processes. The main themes are personal growth, polyamory, BDSM, and tantra. The main storyline is the woman’s interactions with Bear, a masculine and powerful man that came into her life through a dance and a dream.
She is a mother, living together with her partner. Polyamory, having the freedom to explore multiple relationships gives her the freedom to deeply connect with different people. Dynamics with Bear’s girlfriend and her partner’s lovers form part of the story, giving insight into the delicate power of sisterhood, where women stop competing and start supporting each other, sometimes literally by sharing a man.
BDSM allows her to explore her dark sides. Being guided into intimate situations of surrender by Bear, she learns to release constricting thoughts and taboos. She finds her inner power by being dominated as well as by dominating Bear in vulnerable role play.
Tantra teaches her different ways of sxx, letting go of the goal-orientedness of intercourse, experiencing sxx that lasts for hours, having orgasms that last half an hour, or more. Theory and background information is interwoven in the story.
This workshop is part of Rock the Lockdown, and freely accessible for participants. Starting at 15€ you can join Rock the Lockdown anytime until April 1st.
Read about it here: bit.ly/rocklockevent
Wilrieke Sophia is a facilitator, writer, and coach from The Netherlands. It is her mission to support as many people as possible to have intimacy as something abundant, free and safe in their lives.
Her workshops and play parties are featured on national television and magazines. People describe these workshops as life-changing, deep and powerful.
She openly writes about her personal explorations in (open) relationships, sxxuality, parenting, dealing with fear and insecurity on her blog and Social Media. She operates in non-monogamous relationships and is mother of three daughters.
More about Wilrieke Sophia: www.exploringdeeper.com


21:00 - 21:30 CET
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