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Tantrische Knuffelworkshop // Tantric Cuddle Workshop with Wilrieke Sophia

30/04/2022 @ 19:30 - 22:00 CEST

Cuddle Workshop

NL >

Knuffelen is niet alleen fijn, het is ook heel erg gezond. Aanraking verlaagt stress en verhoogt het geluksgevoel. Maar knuffelen is ook een manier om jezelf beter te leren kennen. Durf ik mijn grenzen en verlangens duidelijk te maken?
Gewoon een paar bewezen voordelen van knuffelen:

  • consensuele aanraking verlaagt stress in je lijf
  • knuffelen versterk je immuunsysteem
  • knuffelen balanceert je zenuwstelsel
  • knuffelen versterkt je hart
  • knuffelen verlaagt gevoelens van angst en eenzaamheid
  • en daarnaast kan een workshop als deze je helpen trauma te verwerken en zelfverzekerder te worden.

Een knuffelworkshop is een gestructureerde workshop die gericht is op liefdevolle aanraking. Dat doen we door oefeningen die gericht zijn op contact maken met jezelf en met anderen. We beginnen voorzichtig, zonder elkaar aan te raken, en bouwen de intensiteit langzaam op voor wie dat wenst, zodat iedereen mee kan komen en het voor niemand te snel gaat – hoewel je nooit iets mee hoeft te doen waar je geen zin in hebt!

We starten altijd met een moment om tot onszelf te komen en alle drukte en stress van het dagelijks leven los te laten. Vanuit daar gaan we via oefeningen contact maken met onszelf en met anderen. Bijvoorbeeld door om beurten elkaars handen te strelen. De oefeningen zijn soms speels, soms intenser, maar altijd vanuit liefde. Als je iets niet wil doen dan hoeft dat niet. De oefeningen die we doen zijn heel divers en wisselen per keer.

De workshop is gericht op liefdevolle aandacht en aanraking. We blijven deze avonden weg bij seksualiteit. Niet omdat seksualiteit iets verkeerds is, maar om te ervaren hoe fijn knuffelen is wanneer er geen einddoel of focus is.

Elementen die je in deze knuffelworkshop kunt verwachten: meditatie, mindfulness, dans, massage, ademhalingsoefeningen, somatisch bewustzijn, The Wheel of Consent en neo-tantrische aspecten.
Tijdens een tantrische knuffelworkshop, weven we meer elementen uit tantra (en een vleugje sensualiteit) in de workshops.

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Cuddling is not only nice, but it is also very healthy. Touch lowers stress and increases happiness. But cuddling is also a way to get to know yourself better. Do I dare to make my boundaries and desires clear?
Just a few proven benefits of cuddling:

  • consensual touch lowers stress in your body
  • cuddling strengthens your immune system
  • cuddling balances your nervous system
  • cuddling strengthens your heart
  • cuddling lowers feelings of fear and loneliness
  • and in addition, a workshop like this can help you process trauma and become more confident.

A cuddle workshop is a structured workshop that focuses on loving touch. We do this through exercises that are aimed at making contact with yourself and with others. We’ll start gently, without touching each other, and slowly build up the intensity for those who wish so that everyone can follow along and it’s not too fast for anyone – although you never have to do anything you don’t feel like doing!
We always start with a moment to come to ourselves and let go of all the hustle and bustle of daily life. From there we will make contact with ourselves and with others through exercises. For example, by taking turns stroking each other’s hands. The exercises are sometimes playful, sometimes more intense, but always out of love. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to. The exercises we do are very diverse and change every time.

The event focuses on loving attention and touch. We stay away from sexuality these evenings. Not because sex is wrong, but to experience how nice cuddling is when there is no end goal or focus.
Elements that you can expect in this cuddle workshop: meditation, mindfulness, dance, massage, breathing exercises, somatic awareness, The Wheel of Consent and neo-tantric aspects.
During a tantric cuddle workshop, we weave more elements from tantra (and a whiff of sensuality) into the workshop.

This workshop is for both experienced and starting cuddlers. When you feel anxious or insecure about connecting with other people – this is for you. But also if you want to recharge and indulge in a night of abundant cuddles you are very welcome!

The workshop gradually builds from connecting with yourself towards connecting with others, with a lot of space to find and express your boundaries. The exercises are playful but deep.
Here’s a testimonial for you to get an idea of this workshop.

– We actively stand for inclusion. This means that in the event no racism, discrimination, misogyny, ableism, or shaming of bodies, sexualities, gender etc are tolerated. If this is something you cannot commit to, this is not your community.
– Everybody is welcome. This means there might be a disbalance in gender in the group. You work with who you want to work with; we don’t stimulate genderphobia (meaning we won’t actively pair you up with people of your preferred gender).
– When you are being disrespectful, crossing boundaries or show any other behaviour that affects the safety of the group, we can ask you to leave the workshop.
– We accept all political viewpoints and personal opinions, but we also actively stand against the spread of misinformation and disinformation. If you are looking for places to share your viewpoints on vaccine shedding, this is not your community.
– You are responsible for your own well-being. This means that you can express your boundaries at all times. We will never force you to do anything.
– We ask everyone for a covid PCR/antigen test to minimise the risk of spreading covid at this event. If this is principally against your values, you may want to reconsider signing up. Check our current policy at

Who: we welcome people of all genders, sexualities, ages (though 18+) etc. Racism and disrespect are not tolerated.
Language: the workshop is in Dutch, but English (or bilingual) when there are English speaking people. We want to include everybody!

Time: This workshop starts at 19.30 and ends around 22.00h. Doors open at 19.00h. When the workshop starts (at 19.30h) we will lock the door. You are welcome to come a little earlier to land, have tea and meet lovely people.

Wear: comfy clothes in which you feel good, e.g. pyjamas, yoga pants, etc. Shoes are not allowed in the workshop space. We keep clothed at all times (meaning: no naked torsos. Short sleeves and bare legs/feet are welcome.

Make sure not to wear strong scents! No perfume, aftershave, strong essential oils. Being clean and, if you wish, a lightly scented deodorant is sufficient.
Check www.prettigparkeren for information on (free) parking, or for public transportation advice.
You sign up by buying your ticket. You don’t need to print or bring your ticket (please, save trees). We appreciate it when you sign up for the Facebook event as well.


Wilrieke Sophia (they/them) is a sex & intimacy educator, conscious kink facilitator, intimacy activist, TEDx speaker, writer, and founder of Exploring Deeper and Cuddle Workshops International.
They identify as queer, sex-positive, polyamorous and kinky. Wilrieke is based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands where they openly combine being a mother of three daughters with their work.
The main focus of their work is empowerment through self-knowledge and understanding, radical self-inclusion, the embodied experiencing boundaries and desires, and an extensive practice of consent – all based on a foundation of trauma awareness and neuroscience, embedded in experiential spaces based on intimacy practices.
Wilrieke hosts sex-positive retreats, play parties, teacher training, and festivals. In several projects with colleagues, Wilrieke creates workshops and materials on accountability, abuse and power dynamics in the intimacy and wellness communities.

We all need touch. Here at Exploring Deeper we believe that satisfying intimacy needs to be available for everyone. To have that intimacy, a person needs to feel safe and secure in their own body. We need to know our boundaries and desires, and we need to know how to communicate them. How does a person change their life? By doing things differently, and then repeating that new way. When it comes to intimacy, our current society does not provide us with the means, tools, and place to practice our intimacy skills.
Exploring Deeper aims to create those spaces. Laboratories for exploring intimacy – deeper. We do that by creating events, sessions, materials, and professional training. All our products and services are based on the pillars of solidarity and inclusion. This means our events are meant to be a welcoming place to you, independent of race, gender, age (though 18+), s.xual orientation, relationship style, being neurodivergent or neurotypical, being disabled or non-disabled, or looks.
We acknowledge everyone is learning and may make mistakes in addressing others, ourselves included. Making mistakes is welcomed in our workshops. Intentionally causing harm by discrimination, racism, misogyny, shaming, bullying, spreading disinformation etc is not tolerated. As a team we are actively speaking up against these issues, and repeated misconduct will lead to remove the person causing harm from the workshop and potentially withhold access to future events.

More about us:

Cuddle Workshops International (and the Dutch branch Knuffelworkshops in Nederland en België) are a worldwide network of certified Cuddle Workshop facilitators.
These workshops are always strictly non-s.xual in nature. Consent, respect, and inclusivity are the highest values.
To find out more about Cuddle Workshops International, or to become a certified facilitator, check or the Dutch

NOTES ON COVID: Check our COVID-19 protocols here:

COVID-19 Protocols

We probably ask you to test (PCR/antigen, a quick test is fine) before coming.

For this workshop, Exploring Deeper’s Terms and Conditions apply:
To stay updated about workshops, events and to read Wilrieke’s blog (with hundreds of articles and videos about topics like non-monogamy, s.xuality and dealing with insecurities), check and sign up for our newsletter!




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