☽•• EMPOWERED. ••☾

A 3-day immersion into Old Wisdom, Herbal Magic, Ritual, and Play, created and guided by Wilrieke Sophia.

The world of shamanism is calling many into its magical realms. But can we really use this term in an acceptable way? Through ritual and play, we can increase the capacity of our bodies and souls to receive, create, manifest, and enjoy life.

Aspects of this immersion:

– working with archetypes & fantasies
– a chaga tea ritual
– sex magick ritual
– using sensuality and eroticism in a shamanic way for manifestation and empowerment

This is a fully immersive retreat, meaning that we will stay at the venue (simple group accommodation) and will be served three organic, vegetarian (upon request vegan and other diets) meals per day.

About the chaga ritual
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a non-hallucinogenic mushroom, growing natively on birches in the northern half of Europe.

Chaga has been used to efficiently treat illnesses in Northern Europe and Russia for hundreds of years. Scientific research has shown that chaga contains highly effective components with anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, and anti-viral capacities.

I have been working with self-harvested chaga from The Netherlands and Norway for years. Chaga has deepened my connection with nature, my intuition, and my connection to my guides.

For a while, I have felt the call to share chaga in a ritual circle. This workshop will be the first place to experience this ritual.

About working with archetypes, fantasy and sex magick
The rituals offered to you will invite you to discover and invite parts of you that support you on the next steps of your journey.
Through solo rituals (like the s.x magick ritual) as well as rituals in groups, you have the opportunity to let go what is not serving you any longer, and invite what it is you want to manifest into your life.

For who is this?
This immersion welcomes people of all genders, relationship constellations, and backgrounds. We ask you to have at least some experiences with workshops in the field of intimacy, tantra, etc. You don’t need to have experience in the realms of shamanism or spirituality, as long as you have an open mind.

We also ask you to be willing to prepare yourself before this retreat by doing some homework assignments.

There’s an intake before joining this event, in order to make sure there will be a cohesive group.

About sexuality in this retreat
This retreat doesn’t focus on sexuality. The focus is on inner transformation through the alchemical processes of old traditions and ritual. Whenever sexual energy and touch feel contributive to this process, it is welcomed (but never obliged). For the whole retreat, we ask to not have genital/genital contact.

Touch and nudity are never expected or obliged. Your personal boundaries will be respected and nurtured throughout the retreat.

Aspects of this immersion:

These are some of the sources that you may encounter inspiration from in this retreat:
– The School of Erotic Mysteries and Seani Love
– The Wheel of Consent and Betty Martin
– Ritual Play
– European herbalism and traditional folk wisdom
– Sacred Plant Initiations and Pamela Montgomery
– Sex magick rituals and sexual sorcery, Aleistar Crowley and Jason A. Newcomb
– My personal guides and teachers

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