Does love at first sight exist?

Can you love someone the moment you look him or her into the eyes for the very first time?

Let’s go back in time to the point when we were young and watched Disney movies. We all did, didn’t we? We watched Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast and several fairy tales where the prince kisses the princess. The message seemed to be that for each and everyone of us there is a perfect partner, a once in a lifetime Mr(s). Right to wait for. Or to actively, maybe desperately, look for. And when we would meet the person, we’d know. It would be love at first sight.

What a sad belief that is! If there is only one single perfect match for us in a huge world full of human beings, what are the statistical we meet this person in our life? I will not pretend to be mathematician, but I do know this chance is marginal. And what if God, faith or whatever forces our paths to cross, and we look the other way? Chance missed, die alone?

No, I do not believe in this kind of love at first sight. I believe there is a whole bunch of people with whom we resonate very well. These people may all be potential partners to share our lives with. If we miss one because we didn’t pay attention or were to shy to speak up, there will be another chance.

But there is another sort of love at first sight in which I do believe.

When I meet a new person, and I am  able to be fully open to this person, without any form of prejudice, emotions or constraints, than I connect with this person from my heart. When this other person blocks this energy I send for reasons of fear, shyness or whatever, the flow of energy will decrease. But when the other person is open to this deeper connection, or -even better- happily joins the connection, there’s magic!

There can be a conversation, but the words are inferior to the feelings that are shared. The vibe, the energy is almost visible. Even though I hardly drink coffee I could feel I’m high on caffeine. It feels like we’ve known each other for ages. Like we know each others deepest secrets and wishes.

And it does not only happen in real life. Even through e-mails I can get this feeling of a deep connection. I can get to know someones energy and feel really attracted to it. When I meet the person for the first time in real life, it’s like we’ve been friends forever. 🙂

Can you love someone the moment you look him or her into the eyes for the very first time?

You definitely can. When you connect from your heart, you will find that you are able to instantly love someone who matches your energy.


p.s. If you believe you feel this resonating energy while reading on my website, than I warmly welcome you to get in contact with me. I’m looking forward to sharing some love with you! 🙂

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