Do you let thoughts get in the way of your Life Purpose?

Yesterday my thoughts tried everything to make me eat the things I don’t want to eat during my detox. There were many, many reasons to eat cheese, chocolate and nuts. I ended up eating a tomato.

I woke up this morning with thoughts telling me I was failing this detox. I ate too much, I didn’t exercise enough and my body was just doing what I want it to do.

Especially with the things I really want to do, the things alligned with my life purpose, my thoughts try to disctract me. Try to make me do other things. Telling me I’m too tired, not capable, I need to do other things first. I’ll do the things I really want to do later. Tomorrow, or even better – next month. And i know I won’t do them then either.

Why is this happening? I feel a little girl deep inside who is convinced she has nothing to offer. That the things she wants to are not good enough. That she won’t be seen or loved or, even worse, judged and laughed at. Because you can only fail when you actually do something. Not doing is the safe option. My thoughts simply try to protect me.

But does it work? No. That feeling I’m not giving my gifts to the world makes me feel unhappy. I know deep inside I’m hiding.

Let’s stop hiding. We all have gifts worthy to share.

Don’t believe your thoughts. Believe your heart.


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