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Are you ambitious about your growth? Do you want to increase intimacy in your life, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, without having to invest hugely? I’ve created this page especially for you!

Redesign your Love Life


Why aren’t you attracting what you really desire?

How can you create a life filled with abundant love, sex, and, intimacy? 

Navigating Polyamory


Non-monogamy can be an amazing path of growth, adding juice, love and amazing experiences into your life.

But it’s a path with pitfalls. Learn how to prevent common mistakes, deal with triggers, and make this path as shiny as it can be.

Sexual Polarity


You have your body, your gender, your patterns. This course is to add a whole spectrum of tools to your palette.

Learn about kink, tantra, energy genitals, increasing polarity and how to be a better lover.

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My Favorite Tools & Toys

So what do I use in the bedroom and my personal life? I happily share some of those not-so-secret secrets with you!

Tachyon Tantra Pleasure Wand

The Tachyonized Tantra Pleasure Wand is simply an amazing tool, helping us achieve healing and ecstasy beyond what we ever dreamed was possible. While using it for self pleasuring, for Yoni Healing, or part of foreplay before penetrative sexual union, you may be surprised how quickly you feel ready for orgasm.

Root Chakra Plug

The Tachyonized Root Chakra Plug is for activating and awakening the  prostate and perineum, to engender the qualities of trust, stability, and groundedness, as well as increasing your orgasmic pleasure potential. Deep anal and prostate healing happens passively and naturally. The fused quartz material is safe, durable, and powerful.

Upgrade your Jade Egg!

Yoni Eggs are becoming increasingly popular around the world and the Tachyonized version is a modern upgrade of the ancient practice of using Jade or Crystal Eggs. This yoni egg can support you experiencing ecstatic orgasms, extreme sexual pleasure, and healing sexual trauma. 

Tachyon means that these products are created with “a highly technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of Tachyons and permanently changes the quantum properties of atomic nuclei which composes that matter. Although the chemical composition of the item is not altered, the change that occurs is on the subatomic level. Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it may slow the aging process and strengthen the immune system“.

That sounds rather magical, right?

My personal experience is that these tachyon products have an amazing effect on my life force energy, or kundalini energy, that we wake up when e.g. practicing tantra. Just holding my wand or egg makes my whole body tingle. I’m not sure how it works exactly… but it works! When I play with these tools, I feel more energized, sexy, and energetic for days! 

About me

Hi! My name is Wilrieke Sophia.

I believe we all deserve a life where intimacy flows freely and in all forms and flavors: love, sex, friendship – from mild to wild and everything in between. I believe we all deserve to be educated in the boundaries and desires that we have, and safe places where we can practice expressing them. Places where we learn to differentiate between conditioning (how people say we should behave) and our values (how we desire to behave).

It’s my passion to create those spaces for you to explore. Besides that, I’m also a passionate herbalist, TEDx speaker, and mother of three daughters.

Photo depicts a white caucasian woman holding two buzzard feathers. She is wearing a black dress with white dots, showing a line art tattoo on her collarbone.Wilrieke Sophia portrait

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