I really enjoy approaching tantra (and touch-based workshops as a whole) from a queer perspective. There is a lot of deeply engrained heteronormativity in both the physical, mental and emotional approaches with a focus on the (cis) male/female binary of gender.

There’s nothing wrong with including the (cis) binary of gender, as long as we understand that those are just two options in a 3D spectrum of options, axes, flavours, and bodies.

Another thing I deeply enjoy is dismantling the idea of hierarchy in touch. Where nekked is ‘more evolved’ than clothed. Where including touching gęnitals is better than not doing that. That sęx is better than cuddling, and cuddling better than sitting together with no touch.

Thing is, there is so much more to explore and experience when we let go of the dogmas and binaries. When we approach each other and ourselves with curiosity.

I know for myself that when I became curious, really curious, about bodies, people, touch and intimacy, my life changed. Belonging became an important thing. Where am I at home while being me, instead of finding a home that looks pretty and where I work on myself to fit it.

What it brought me? More confidence about and comfort in my body, understanding the skill of listening, the most amazing friends, and a life richer in experiences than I could have ever imagined.

Photo is a snapshot of me and my team during the Kinky Tantra weekend where we practiced full body massages.