Workshop Descriptions

Are you curious about what the workshops are about? Here are descriptions of most workshops in our standard offering.

In all our workshops you are free to come alone or bring (a) partner(s) and stay together, adapt any exercise, skip exercises, and navigate the amount of touch you (don’t) want. All workshops are queer-centered and straight-friendly, meaning no gender-based exercises or assumptions exist. Where applicable, gender is approached as a spectrum, not a binary.

All workshops are centered around integrated principles of consent and start with exercises focusing on boundaries and desires. For practical questions please check the FAQ.

Cuddle Workshop

Wilrieke Sophia is the original creator of Cuddle Workshops, a concept now copied wide and far – hence sometimes the name The Original Cuddle Workshop. A Cuddle Workshop is a platonic touch event: clothes stay on, and sensuality is not the focus of touch. There is a gradual build-up throughout the workshop from connecting to yourself and noticing what kind of touch you want, to touch with one other person and multiple-person touch.

Sensual Cuddle Workshop or Tantric Cuddle Workshop

A Cuddle Workshop where elements of Tantra and/or sensuality are involved.

Cuddle Workshop XL or Cuddle Freeflow

A Cuddle Workshop that extends in an open space: time without exercises where you can design your own experience.

Navigating Intimacy

Navigating Intimacy is a playground in which, for two days, you will learn how your Navigation System communicates with you in your unique way. You will learn about your boundaries and desires, and practice playfully.

Some of the things that we’ll explore:

  • the difference between a real ‘yes/no’ and a conditioned ‘yes/no’;
  • the power of saying ‘no’ and how it doesn’t have to end an interaction, but rather navigate it;
  • how you consciously or unconsciously may try to manipulate others into your hidden desires;
  • touching and being touched for your pleasure;
  • getting a Ph.D. in asking for what you want;
  • a conscious laboratory to practice and strengthen your skills.

The workshop consists of practical exercises, reflection, sharing, and a guided space to practice. You’ll work alone, in pairs, and in other group constellations.

Pleasure and the Nervous System (A Feast for the Senses)

This is a two-day workshop that explores our senses. It helps you understand how the nervous system works and how your conditioning may keep you from the pleasure you desire. It includes:

  • theory on the nervous system and neural paths to pleasure
  • researching the roadblocks you may face
  • touch-based exercises
  • exercises stimulating all your senses, so you can find what works and doesn’t work for you.

Kinky Tantra

This two-day workshop combines elements of Tantra with elements of kink. It includes:

  • Tantra meditations
  • Tantric ways of playing with Domination/surrender
  • Tantric impact play (hands, paddles, and small floggers) and learning to spread sensations of the impact through the body (both as giver and receiver)
  • Tantric full body massage, including genital massage with examples for different bodies with different genitals, welcoming and including the whole range of gender diversity. There is a wide range of options for genital massage practice where nudity or touching genitals is not needed to get a full experience.

Queer Tantra and Energy Sex

This two-day workshop Tantra with energy sex. It includes:

  • Tantra meditations
  • different breathing techniques like the Microcosmic Orbit, Heart Breath, and Sexy Breath and the different impacts these techniques have on the person(s) you are playing with (including yourself).
  • tickling all your chakras
  • surprising simple hacks that may change your sex life forever
  • very juicy demos, clothed, that will likely leave you with a watering mouth, ready to try for yourself

This workshop is for both pragmatists and spiritual folks (I speak both neuroscience and woo-woo), singles, couples and other relationship constellations, folks and constellations of any gender, sexual preference etc, tantra-newbies, and more seasoned practitioners.

Exploring Kink – Step 1: The Intensive

This two-day workshop combines principles of consent and (neo-)Tantra with the magical realms of BDSM. It includes:

  • learning how to set up a scene
  • practicing impeccable consent – and how it brings safety to any kind of play
  • playing with power dynamics (Domination/surrender)
  • techniques for impact play like spanking, flogging, and caning
  • learning some surprising sexy hacks that change and intensify your play
  • improve communication skills for your current and future relationships
  • practice! A play party is part of the weekend.

Exploring Kink – Step 2: The Deepening

This two-day workshop can only be followed after Exploring Kink – Step 1. It includes:

  • learning and experiencing (or observing) different forms of breath play.
  • playing with consensual non-consent (CNC). It can be so much fun as well as incredibly healing to play on this edge.
  • different constellations of play: in two’s, but also in three’s and possibly other group sizes.
  • besides this, we will use the tools from Step 1 and combine them with new tools for more dimensions in your play.
  • practice! A play party is part of the weekend.

Therapeutic Kink

Using the transformational power of BDSM for healing and growth. This is NOT a beginner workshop!

Therapeutic Kínk includes opportunities to:

  • learn different ways of setting up an intentional scene for healing and growth.
  • learn how to implement safety mechanisms to prevent causing harm, while understanding edgy play is always containing a certain risk.
  • release emotions but also have fun!

Some of the themes you get the opportunity to play with:

  • impact play
  • Dom/sub dynamics
  • consent and safety
  • consensual non-consent incl restraints
  • sensory deprivation (blindfolds, headphones)
  • practice! A play party is part of the weekend.

Pink Play Party

This day workshop starts with a different workshop during the first part of the event. After a meal, the workshop turns into a free flow where you design your own experience. The space wil have different themed sections (like a cuddle area, sensory play, dance floor, tea station, and chill space). A pink play party focuses on sensual connections. Underpants stay on.

Red Play Party

A red play party has a similar structure as a pink play party, with the difference that everything is allowed, inclusive nudity and sexy interactions. More elaborate information specifically on play parties >

Dark Red Play Party

Where a Red Play Party has the format of 50% structured and 50% free flow, a Dark Red Play party only has a brief structured part. Instead of a central break for a meal, food is put out buffet-style. More free play – only for advanced (check the event description!)

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