We have all grown up amidst pop sings and fairytales that are all about love. But the things is, many of them are not about healthy love, but neediness, codependence and toxic relationships.

Let’s debunk some of them!

Today: Last Christmas by Wham!

Victimhood is a tricky topic to talk about as there are basically two forms of it, that could be mixed. Especially by bystanders, but also by ourselves. We could be real victims. The person we are relating with may be abusive. The same goes for a group, teacher, or event that we are part of. People may abuse their power, coerce, manipulate. If you feel that this is happening to you, please try to reach out for help. Speak with someone you trust, and see what steps are possible for you. It’s never okay to be abused!

On the other hand, we can use our position as a victim for our own gain. We may not trust that who we are is enough to receive the love and empathy we desire. We may feel it’s easier (or merely the known path) to use a position of victim to get our needs met.What are your experiences with this topic?

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