We have all grown up amidst pop sings and fairytales that are all about love. But the things is, many of them are not about healthy love, but neediness, codependence and toxic relationships.

Let’s debunk some of them!

Today: Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

Neediness: that lurking feeling of unrest and needing another person right now, because they may be your only shot at real love. On the other side of the dynamic, a person approaching you with neediness can feel like a vampire, wanting to take what you may not want to give. We all have needs and that is more than okay. Our needs keep us alive! The difference between needs and neediness is a perceived idea of scarcity, as well as a lack of consent.

My friend Steve Pavlina has written a great article on the difference between needs and neediness, explaining how to meet your needs without being needy.

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