Detox week 1 – What cravings for cashew nuts teach me about life

Sixth day into my detox challenge and of eating 500 kcal (vegan, no fat, no carbs) a day and having the worst cravings so far. I want chocolate, that cheese I see every time I open the fridge and most of al cashew nuts.

It’s so easy to get completely lost in feeling hungry and craving food. And although the craving is different, the situation is so similar to when I get lost in emotions like fear or insecurity. The problem (‘I can’t have the food I want’) feels lethal. It’s like the whole world turns around this sole thing, and I will never ever be happy again unless something outside me gives me what I need.

When I ran away from the kitchen table to go and disctract myself with something else (Facebook! Whatsapp! A book! Work! Email!), I realised just what I was doing. Avoiding myself and my feelings.

Three steps to get back to life, out of my head:
1. Realise I’m being completely captured by the issue. Take a step back and be the observer of what is going on. Like looking down at myself from the sky, seeing a girl struggling, instead of being the struggle.
2. Stop hiding, avoiding or distracting myself and just sit down with my feelings. I crave food (or someone to clean the house, or a publisher, or…), but what do I *feel*? What emotions are connected to this craving?
3. Realise that I’m looking for solutions outside myself. But what is it that I really need, beyond the cravings? Do I desire love, feeling seen, feeling worthy? And how can I give myself just that, without making someone else responsible?

Food is calming, yes. It gives a nice feeling. But it’s a solution from outside and will never be a sustainable fulfillment of the real craving underneath.


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