You are welcome to contact me. These are some reason for contacting me – or not.

Advice – I receive a lot of messages and emails from people asking me for free advice about their personal situation. Unfortunately I do not have the time and energy to answer these requests. If you want to ask me advice, please come to one of my workshops or book an individual session.

Questions – If you have a specific question that isn’t answered in this website or in a blog article (please check using the ‘search’ function), you are welcome to send me a request. If your question is elaborate, it’s likely I’ll point you to one of my professional services.

Feedback – Found a typo? Have an idea on how to improve my website? Topics you would like me to write more about? Bring it on, I love feedback!

Promotions, advertising, link requests – I hate spam. I only advertise products I tried, tasted, experienced and really believe in myself. If you believe you have a product or book you think I’ll love, and you want me to write about, let me try it (your costs) and then we’ll talk. I’m not a free service for promoting your commercial events, products, or services.

Meeting in person – You want to meet me in person? I love to meet conscious, courageous, amazing people. Messages saying ‘You’re cute’, ‘How are you?’ or ‘Meet me and I guarantee it will be the night of your life’ don’t turn me on and unlikely get a response (other than me telling you this doesn’t work). Send me a message telling me why you would want to meet me, in what ways you think we would resonate.

Media – You found this site and you are interested in interviewing me? It is my mission to inspire as many people as I can. If your show/podcast/magazine/blog/etc. resonates with my mission, I am open for your idea.

Events – Looking for an inspiring speaker on your stage? Or a facilitator/trainer at your event? I am very interested in giving workshops and speaking at events in The Netherlands, but also worldwide. I’m great at promoting the events where I am part of the facilitating team. I also have a broad network of world class facilitators, speakers, and trainers which enables me to help you find other speakers as well. Beware: I won’t come for free. So send me a proposal and let’s talk!

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