Before emailing me with a question, please read the FAQ page. I get several emails per day with questions that are explained on this page – please use it.

You are welcome to contact me. These are some reasons for contacting me – or not.

Advice – I receive a lot of messages and emails from people asking me for free advice about their personal situations. Unfortunately, I do not have the time and energy to answer these requests. If you want to ask me for advice, please come to one of my workshops or book an eConsult.

Feedback – Found a typo? Have an idea on how to improve my website? Topics you would like me to write more about? Loved or didn’t like my events? Feel unsafe with me and want to file a complaint to me or my accountability pod? The feedback page informs you about this last part.

Promotions, advertising, link requests – I rarely and only advertise products I tried, tasted, experienced and really believe in myself. If you believe you have a product or book you think I’ll love, and you want me to write about it, let me try it (your costs) and then we’ll talk. I’m not a free service for promoting your commercial events, products, or services.

Meeting in person – You want to meet me in person? I love to meet conscious, courageous, amazing people. Messages saying ‘You’re cute‘, ‘How are you?’ or ‘Meet me and I guarantee it will be the night of your life‘ don’t turn me on and unlikely get a response (other than me telling you this doesn’t work). Send me a message telling me why you would want to meet me, and what you have to offer me.

Media – You found this site and you are interested in interviewing me? It is my mission to inspire as many people as I can. If your show/podcast/magazine/blog/etc. shares values with my mission, I am open to your idea.

Events – Looking for an inspiring speaker on your stage? Or a facilitator/trainer at your event? I have been a speaker at TEDx and for several events. I have been a guest teacher at e.g. Utrecht University and Fontys Hogeschool.

Accountability Pod – You may have landed on this page through the Accountability Pod system. Feel welcome to email me and tell me what’s on your mind. All feedback is welcomed and treated confidentially.

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