Conscious Shopping makes a Difference

We always have a choice and we are 100% for everything we do. This includes shopping. Whereas we might think that buying one particular item at any particular place will not influence the planet, it will do so.

Do you know the Butterfly Effect?

Everything you do matters to all of us and forever. Even the smallest actions we take can have a huge impact on the whole world.

Maybe you value animal welfare and you wish no animal to get hurt. But you love your steak. There are so many people eating meat, what difference does it make whether you buy a steak or not? Or you love ice cream. There’s just a little milk in there. It’s sad for those cows to be kept in stables whole year and being slaughtered when they stop giving milk, but whether I buy this ice cream or not will not matter in the long run. No?

I believe your choices do matter, and you can make a difference.

To start change you need someone to step up and take the lead. The next thing you need is a first follower, joining the initiator. One by one people will drop in, until a turning point is reached. At that point, the new initiation becomes mainstream. This video beautifully illustrates the importance of this first follower:

Combining the Butterfly Effect and the First Follower Principle, small actions can and will have an enormous impact.

I was inspired by other people to become vegan for a month, for combined reasons of personal health, care for animal welfare and an equal distribution of natural resources. I stopped buying animal products. Already I inspired other people to think about their shopping habits. These people will let others consciously evaluate their standards and the choices they make, and so on, and so on.

What are your values? What do you think is important? Do you care about animal welfare? Genetic modification? What do you think of the use of pesticides? Child labor? Forced labor? The price of a product? The quality? The distance the product traveled? Stimulating local shops? Famous brands?

The next time you enter a shop, think about the choices you are about to make and the influences they have. Don’t let other people decide what products you should buy, but make your own choices. Be aware of what you care about and what doesn’t matter to you. You don’t need to be vegan to be a good person. 😉

To me, the only wrong choice you can make is an unconscious choice.

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