Get in charge of your love life! 


Your life is amazing, but you are missing romance. Or maybe your life isn’t that fulfilling at all. You feel lonely, insecure, or fearful about love. You might not have (a lot of) experience with sex or relating at all. Maybe you don’t know how to start, where to look, or how to finally stop attracting what you don’t want.

In a world where sex and relating are not openly and honestly discussed, it is easy to stay stuck in a place that doesn’t feel quite right. Where can you ask all your questions about love, and talk openly about sex? 

I have years of experience in supporting people to understand how love works – and how they work. You may think you are looking for love in all the right places, but maybe you are looking for something entirely different. I am trauma-informed, queer inclusive, not judgmental towards non-monogamy (polyamory, open relating) or kink and BDSM. I have worked with CEO’s, the elderly, disabled, TEDx speakers, trans folks, and people of all walks of life. I welcome everyone the same.


This is where I come in: see me as your best friend, your mate in the bar, or the old lady in a rocking chair on the porch who has seen it all.

eConsults are short sessions based on a single question you have.

This is how it works:

      1. You book your session.
      2. You will receive an email with instructions to send your question to me
      3. I’ll answer you within 5 workdays with a voice note of about 3-7 minutes.
      From me to you, for you to listen to as many times as you want.
      You get to ask one short follow-up or clarification question. And if there’s more, you simply book another session.
      To make this service available to as many folks as possible, I charge only €59,-!

    We probably all know what it’s like: sex seems fantastic in all the ads, but not in my bed. Or relating is not as satisfying as they told you when you grew up.

    Or maybe you find that you simply don’t fit in the standard heterosexual, monogamous relationship design.

    You may recognize yourself in some of the things I experienced:

    • I kept attracting the ‘wrong’ persons,
    • I thought I was the worst person in bed,
    • I wondered why I felt more insecure in relationships than others,
    • I thought I was strange for having kinky desires – and didn’t know what to do with them,
    • I wondered how to open my monogamous relationship, and how to deal with fear and jealousy,
    • Many, many times, I thought something was wrong with me, or that I was broken.

    Until I found out I wasn’t broken. There was nothing wrong with me. There were simply things I didn’t know about myself – and about where to find what I was looking for!

    Having teachers and mentors who pointed me into the right directions changed my life. Let me return the favor and be that person for you. 

    Business-to-business professional coaching and teacher trainings are available. Check the page for professional for up to date info.