“Chakras are astral anusses” – Jamie Catto

“Chakras are astral anusses, designed to poo our shit out.”

“We feel bad about ourselves because we take feedback from idiots having a bad day seriously.”

I just came home from an evening workshop with Jamie Catto. It must have been the most hilarious workshop on personal growth I’ve ever attended. Jamie is delighting. In his old brown shoes, baggy trousers and oversized woolen sweater he looks very sweet and cuddly. Looking very comfortable and happy he starts talking, seemingly without a plan. Enthusiastic, from the heart and most of all: real. No shit, no masks, no stories. You get all of Jamie, including the regular f-word in between yogi-terms.

“It’s quite traumatic being an individual. In that so-called oneness nothing happenes. There has to be division, or duality, to create an experience. You need both Jamie and pizza for Jamie to experience pizza.”

Jamie taught us there is one single skill needed to grow as a person: PAUSE AND LISTEN. The great creations and masterpieces come from a place of deep listening to the self, the inner voice passed the thinky mind. The mind will give us a B-. But there’s so much more when we allowourselves. When we allow our feminity being served by our masculinity.

Jamie is going back to England now, but the great news is that he’s coming back to host a full weekend workshop in March! I can’t wait! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about this workshop!

Here’s a taste of Jamie and a TEDx conference in Lausanne:


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