I’m a Wild Mum

Wild Mum

I’m not the mum who’s waiting at school every day With tea and biscuits ready And patiently plays with dolls.   I’m not the mum who stopped her career Stopped her own ambitions And started putting everyone else first.   I’m not the mum who talks with other mums About the weather or elections in the village (It makes me feel lost).   I’m not the mum who vacuums every day Plans dinners a week ahead And washes windows every Thursday.   I’m not a mum who stayed with their father ‘Because of the kids’. We all deserve more than that.   I’m a Wild Mum.   I’m a mum who still feels an inner drive Of learning and growing…

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Magic is Real and We Can Create it All the Time

Our imagination is so limited by the cage of conditioning. We all create beliefs about how we should live, relate, behave, work, parent or look – beyond what we realize. We limit our magic with our own thoughts. And our thoughts are the key to freedom as well. Our thoughts that are created by our belief systems and our emotions. But are they real? Is there anything we cannot create? What if we are powerful beyond imagination and indeed, capable to create magic? Magic is in big things and in small things. It exists, but only when we believe. I spent the last days in Paris, with my beloved. A relationship that from just the mind is pretty challenging to make…

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Whiskey and chocolate for breakfast #2 (video)

Wisdom of the forest

After a three day retreat with my friend in England, being seculded in his cozy house, surrounded by fresh fruit, chocolate, tea and whiskey, I’m walking at the Hampstead Heath. The sun is shining and the trees are stunning. The last months have majorly confused me. Old beliefs have shaken loose. I thought I was sure about what I wanted, only to realise I was basically following expectations of others. This week of being out of my daily life gives me an opportunity to -sort of- look at myself from a distance. Realizing what I desire. I forgot that I love to nose through old bookstores. I forgot that I love crystals, pulling cards and other witchy stuff. I forgot…

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My process of Letting Go

After writing my blog post about Control vs. Letting Go, I started to realize how much need for control I really felt in my life. In the past years I’ve come to let go a whole lot of insecurity and beliefs that made me feel small and ugly. With that release, bit by bit I loosened my need to control other things in my life like what I thought I should do and how I should behave. I could start identifying what I really wanted in my life. I let go of the projected path I created for myself where I would have a fancy high heeled job at some ministry, and decided that a job where I wasn’t allowed…

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Let me show you the world in my eyes

Do you know that song from Depeche Mode? Maybe put it on while you watch at the photos in this blog post… http://youtu.be/fArx9p6oOOU I’ve been going through a time of major changes lately. Having an open relationship confronts me with my fears and insecurities daily. Do I still believe it’s worth going through all this? Yes. Would I want to go back to a monogamous relationship? Definitely not. I found out there is so much old pain and fear hidden in me. I never really loved myself. I never really looked into the mirror and loved the person I saw. Only now I’m letting go of all this shields and defenses, I can find the sparkling diamond within. And I’m…

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