We Cannot Gain or Loose Anything From Others

Often we are as afraid to let someone in close, as to let someone go. I guess neither have to do anything with the other person. There’s both a longing and a fear of feeling deeply – of being touched deeply.

But in essence, there is nothing we can ever gain or loose through connecting with another person.

The only thing ‘real’ in life is our experience. The movie created that we perceive through our senses. But everything we perceive, we experience *inside* us. There’s no external experience. Think about it: when you see, touch, hear or smell something, where do you exactly experience it?

And so other people are mirrors. Reminders. They remind us of what we long for, what we have or what we miss. And because they are reminders of what is being experienced *inside* us, there is never anything we can gain or loose from them.

But only from ourselves.

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