Be your own guru

We all need some guidance in our lives. Especially in times where many things change, it is nice to have a beacon ahead. We may find people in our surroundings or way out of reach to serve as an example. To be our personal guru.

What are we looking for?

In times of growth we switch from one equilibrium to a new equilibrium.  Between these stable states there is a whole landscape of chaos. We feel insecure and out of balance. We try to get hold of something stable. Someone who seems unbreakable. A superhero.

What is a guru?

But do superheroes exist?

All the people I know face their own challenges. Even the people we value most. They also have their fears to deal with. Even they have sad days. There will be days when they see no reason to get out of bed and face the world again.

Many of us are looking for a guru. Looking for that superhero.

Imagine what would happen with you when you meet your guru at a bad day. Your whole world may collapse. You gave away the responsibility for your wellbeing. You didn’t take responsibility for your own life. You depended on a safety you created yourself. Now this safety appeared to be not so safe. What to do now?

What do we need?

We need to realize that all we need is in ourselves. We don’t need to wait for some great person to walk into our lives and see how awesome we are. We are already brilliant! We’ve been brilliant since the day we were born. We don’t need a guru to hold on to.

We need to believe in ourselves.

When we realize that all that keeps us from being utterly brilliant are our fears, worries and projections, we can start to let them go.

We don’t need a guru to put above us. Because when we put someone above us, we keep ourselves small. We compare ourselves to someone else. But we are unique. We are perfect.

It takes courage to take the responsibility to believe in ourselves. To not give away that responsibility. Together with taking responsibility over our lives and the choices we make, we empower ourselves to grow. To let go of old patterns, shed our old skins, and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

Don’t wait for your guru. Become your own inspiration.

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