It’s not the things we do or experience that confuse us, but our opinions about them.

When you are confronted with things that seem weird, tough, difficult or strange… try to look at them with an open mind and an open heart.

You might be surprised how life is on the other side. To live without fear or judgement.

It’s easy to judge. It’s easy to try to make yourself feel better by being negative about others. But it won’t make you truly happy. It won’t change the situation. It won’t erase the fear. It won’t change your feelings.

Each time you encounter a similar situation, similar negative feelings will rise. You will depend on your begative attitude towards others to make yourself feel better. But negativity attracts negativity. You won’t grow by using this negative approach to new situations. You won’t be free.

The only way to feel free is by letting go of judgements, of fear, of bias, of projections.

What does your heart tell you? Your true inner feelings, beyong all the layers of defence that have been created over the course of your life.

The next time you meet someone who lives life different than you do, don’t judge. Try to feel love for that person instead. See the beauty within that heart. Don’t be afraid.

Send love, and you will receive love. It’s that easy.

Life is so beautiful. Be brave and dare to live it to the fullest!