Vegan for a month

Last week I was in Norway at the Morten Hake Summit. This congress about authentic relationships had a line up of great speakers, including Steve Pavlina, Zan Perrion, Johnny Soporno, Rob Brinded, Noah Hammond and Andy Yosha. Their speeches were inspiring and the speakers themselves stayed the whole summit, giving all participants many opportunities to shake hands, hug and have a one on one chat. The organizers and participants of the Summit appeared to be awesome people. A spontaneous hug can be the start of a warm friendship. And I hugged many people! Some returning topics during the conversations I had were open relationships and healthy food. Many new found friends appeared to be vegan or into raw food. When I…

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The very first post

This website will be a process. It won’t be a static thing, collecting words. It will be a journey through life. I will write about what’s on my mind. As I read books, join workshops and listen to podcasts and audio programs, I will share my experiences. I will combine lessons from the past with new insights. The very first thing I want to introduce in this very first post are my Personal Challenges. I will use this website and Social Media like Twitter and Google+ to challenge myself to broadcast my desires for personal growth. Why? Blogmaster Steve Pavlina explains (citations from several posts): Don’t just write down a list of goals for yourself. Share your key goals with…

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