It’s Alright to Feel Overwhelmed, Confused and Heart Broken

Sometimes it is just there. The not-knowing, the confusion, the overwhelm and the heart break.
It’s alright, baby. Nothing to fix or heal. Nothing to push away or avoid.
You know, we cannot always be the strong and certain about each step to take. There’s no game we have to play, no mask we should put on. We can be real. Even when that includes tears streaming down your cheeks, leaving black traces of your earlier carefully applied mascara. Let the image people have of you, and maybe more the one you have of yourself, crumble. You’re not here to fit a mold, to keep up appearances.
The invitation that your soul and heart brought along is to be real. To be raw. To show up unmasked and naked.
Now can you?
Stepping into this realm might increase all that you are afraid of. More not-knowing, more confusion, more overwhelm and more heart break.
But when there’s nothing to fix, it suddenly becomes nothing more than a projection on a screen that is the world around you. Perhaps reflecting the world inside you, perhaps reminding you that it’s your choice whether to get dragged along in the tornado of wild and ungrounded emotions – or to be still in the eye of the storm.
Just breathe baby, and remember that it’s alright. The only thing you need right now is presence. Your own presence, to witness the unfolding of what is. To be patient with all the inner wounding and surfacing of fear of what was, what is and what may be. To let it rage through you, find it’s way out in screams and tears and silence.
And it’s alright.
Baby it's alright

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