I am in an open relationship. I don’t limit myself by sharing my love with only one person. I prefer and choose to live with an open heart. And I’m open about it.

In our society it’s not very accepted nor appreciated to have an open relationship. There’s a lot of judgment, intolerance and most of all – fear. We all want to be loved. We do crazy things to be loved. We buy expensive clothes, go to the gym and follow a strict diet to look attractive, accept jobs with status… we do it to show the world we are worth loving.

We want abundance. Not only we want love, we also want a lot of it! And why not… feeling loved is the most wonderful feeling imaginable. Nothing beats a hug when you want to share your emotions, no matter if it is happiness or sadness, anger or bliss.

But how can we create abundance when we limit ourselves to only one source?

Compare it to earning money. We all want to be wealthy. But we only want one job. This makes us very dependent. A job seems to give us safety. But that’s illusional safety. What if your boss sells the company? What if the company goes bankrupt? You will lose your entire source of income. If you had multiple income streams, it’s not so bad when one goes bad or needs some extra attention. There are other streams to cover for it and you have resources to invest in the demanding one.

Love works in a similar way. When you have multiple (or endless) sources of love, it’s not so bad when one person doesn’t feel well for a while and needs some extra attention. Since you have enough sources to receive love from, you also have enough love to give and support. Even if a person runs away, you won’t be left deserted, but your other sources of love will help you get through.

So why are we taught we can only love one person? Why do we need to fit in that template society created? We don’t seem to limit ourselves when it comes to the number of friends we have. Don’t we all want to have as many friends as we can (even if it’s only on Facebook)? So why can’t we we love multiple people?

I believe it is fear. We are so afraid not to be loved at all, that we cling to a single love. We claim our partner and want to keep him for ourselves. We refrain our partners from doing things they want to do. We compromise in our activities. We compromise our lives. We compromise our love.

We compromise our love for our self. In other words, we do not love ourselves enough. We are taught to be insecure. Not to be proud of what we’re good at. We’re taught we don’t look well enough. Why? Because the people that keep us small are insecure themselves. By being negative about someone else, they feel better. 

So the key lies within. Start loving yourself! Be proud of who you are. You are incredible! There’s no need to compare you to someone else. You are unique. You are lovable! I will say this again: you are worth being loved.

You will notice that by opening your heart and sharing your love, the amount of love will multiply. ‘Love is the only thing that multiplies when you share it’. Don’t be afraid of loving. Don’t be afraid of being loved. Love isn’t a limited amount of which everybody gets a smaller piece when there are more people to share it with. Love is an endless source of happiness.

By having an open relationship, or an open heart, I don’t mean you should sleep around and have sex with endless numbers of people ;). To me, an open relationship is not about sex. Sure, it can be part of a connection between two (or more) persons, but it’s never an obliged part of it. There are many ways of expressing your love to someone. It can be in the way you look at someone, a hug, a conversation, a message. It can also be sex. To me, sex is nothing but an expression of a connection. A wonderful expression, that is! 🙂

Have a look within. Do you love yourself? Do you really love who you are?

Evaluate your connections with other people. Do you receive enough love? Do you refrain yourself from loving? Are you satisfied with the love present in your life?