About me

I believe that the essence of life is living. To me, being alive means that I embrace everything that lives in me. The happiness, the love, the soft sensuality as well as the sadness, the anger, the raw sexuality, and the rage. Although there are situations where I make compromises, I don’t want to compromise who I am. I love dancing, cuddling, talking, singing, making music, sitting under trees, walking barefoot, cycling, painting, screaming, sensuality, sexuality, horses, cooking, eating, whiskey, making new friends, researching new interesting things and so much more. I don’t want to miss anything from it. I learned to love even the darkest moments, for I know they teach me something about myself.

Time ago I was a shy girl, living the life I and others expected me to live. But that didn’t make me happy. I realized that it was my own choice to live this mediocre life. Having no money, no time and no possibilities were only a belief, an excuse to stay in a situation that felt safe. I found out I am an explorer. As a student I started to travel the world, I became president of a worldwide organization of young people when I was 21, started a dialogue between senior scientists and professors and students, helped fellow students from developing countries to get funds to study and do internships abroad and taught conscious young people about communication, making choices from your heart and following your passion.

I have invested enormous amounts of resources into my path of personal growth. Years ago I was the first to give cuddle workshops, a concept I created, in The Netherlands. Right now I have a variety of offerings including the Facilitator training for Cuddle Workshops International, workshops on intimacy throughout Europe, online programs and individual sessions. I co-teach workshops on intimacy, conscious kink and tantra with amazing people like Steve Pavlina, Jamie Catto, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Reid Mihalko, Kai Karrel, Seani Love, Eyal Matsliah, Marti Birch, and Francesca Gentille.

Once I received a master’s degree in ecology, forest- and nature conservation. I have completed the Quantum-Touch (energy work) practitioner program, Betty Martin’s Like a Pro for Wheel of Consent for Practitioners, Dearmoring for Practitioners with Susanne Roursgaard, the monthlong Tribal Tantra Teacher training, and countless workshops in the fields of tantra, kink, conscious sexuality, shamanism, and Magick. I have created and sold webshops and websites on herbs, spices, and Palo santo. I am a registered entrepreneur since 2011.

I am also the (single) mother of three amazing daughters, born in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

I love to share my path of growth. The good things as well as the tough things. I love to be vulnerable and naked, giving you an authentic look into my life, which I hope will inspire you to create a life for yourself that you love beyond measure.


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