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Hi! My name is Wilrieke Sophia.

I’m an Intimacy Coach & Educator, Facilitator, International Speaker & Entrepreneur. I can help you take charge of your love life by attracting what you really desire in life:  love, sex, friendship – from mild to wild, from monogamy to polyamory, and everything in between.

I will take you from feeling lonely, unworthy, and disconnected to feeling more connected with yourself, others, and completely turned on by life.

I also train facilitators to run trauma-informed, inclusive, and consensual intimacy-based workshops like mine. Keep on reading to find out more about all the exciting workshops, products, and online courses I offer!

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Fawning (the survival mechanism)

Fawning (the survival mechanism)

You may be well aware of the fight, flight, and freeze responses. But how well do you know fawning? Fawning is the survival strategy where you set aside your wants, needs, and boundaries to prioritize someone else's, to maintain the connection to that person. It can...

What makes a/my relationship safe?

What makes a/my relationship safe?

SOMEONE ASKED ME THIS WEEKEND: "HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU FEEL SAFE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP? How do you feel that in your body? How do you know?" That was a brilliant question, one that took me time to find words for. The thing is, it is hard to explain why I feel safer in my...

Similarities and Differences

Similarities and Differences

Someone once told me that in the beginning of a relationship, you see the similarities between you. Then, after some months and getting to know each other better (and I would say, attachment patterns kicking in) you start to notice differences. It's why many...


What People Are Saying

Wilrieke has a rare talent for truly embodied teaching. Her beautiful body, loving heart, and sharp mind align as she creates magical safe havens where participants can explore every light and dark corner of themselves. Wilrieke doesn’t pretend to know it all. Still, she is crystal clear in the way she guides people on their own journey towards self-realization.”


Wilrieke radiates trust and confidence in her workshops, making them a warm, safe place to look as deep inside as you feel comfortable with, and not one step beyond. Her experience, empathy and excellent organisational skills make her workshops the fertile ground for personal insight, growth, fun, and maybe above all that warm human connection also known as love.”


“Wilrieke creates a combination of feelings/emotions that I had never experienced in the outside world prior to stepping into one of her workshops. It’s the tantalizing combo of excitement, acceptance and absolute safety. For someone who had a hard time owning my own desires and communicating my boundaries, the ability to explore in a world where I am loved and accepted is life changing.”



Explore our events:

Exploring Kink I & II

Adding Spice, Presence, and Depth to all your Relationships using the principles of BDSM, (neo) Tantra, Consent, and Ritual

Red Play Parties

An experiential place for the sensually adventurous. Come relax, come play, come watch.

Where We Dance

A sober, barefoot Dance Party based on Solidarity and Inclusivity

Cuddle Workshops

Discover the Joy and Pleasure of non-erotic Touch. Practice your Boundaries and Desires in a safer space.

Navigating Intimacy

Tuning in to your Navigation System for Empowered, Confident, and Abundant Intimate Experiences.


An Immersion into Old Wisdom, Herbal Magic, Ritual, and Play.

Co-creations with the World's Best

Explore co-creations with the best intimacy teachers in the world: Reid Mihalko, Monique Darling, Jamie Catto, Laurie Handlers, Seani Love, and several others.

Working with me one on one

Customized Personal Guidance

For some people creating a life filled with abundant intimacy in many forms is easy. For others there are roadblocks. Whether they are in the form of conditioning, fear, lack of resources or insecurity, experiencing scarcity when it comes to intimacy influences your life in an unwelcome way. I offer a unique online service for those who want to commit to a deep process of self realization – or have a simple question.

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