(Poem#15) I am responsible

I am responsible

It’s so easy, Fucking myself up, Unease raging through me, Telling myself there’s trouble Everywhere.   It’s so easy, Feeling left out, Left behind, Life a conspiracy Against me.   It’s so easy, Shutting myself out, Building up my walls, Lifting up the bridge – Alone.   It’s my choice, Always.   Love or fear; Open or close; Invite in or shut out; Live or survive.   I am responsible, I am courageaous, I am here, I am alive.   More than ever. ~ I am alone at home with my three young daughters while my partner is traveling and visiting beautiful people for a week. It’s so easy to get stuck in fear and panic. Would he forget me?…

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A letter to the women who sleep with my man

Letter to the women who sleep with my man

Dear sister, Thank you. Thank you for opening your heart and opening your body for my beloved. Thank you for being vulnerable with him. Thank you for sharing precious moments and organic bliss with him. Thank you for enriching his life. You can give him things I never can; for the simple reason that you are not me. You have a different flavor. There are different things that excite you, that make you tick, that frighten you. With that, you hand him another mirror to look into. You can show him things about himself that I never can. You have walked a different path than I did. You have a different past. With that, you can teach him things I…

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(Poem#14) Unconditional self love

Unconditional self love

Can I love myself, Independent of what you do? Can I embrace myself, No matter what anyone says about me? Can I open my heart again, When all I want is to run away? Can I stay humble, Without becoming insecure? Can I share about what touches me, Without playing the victim card? Can I smile at myself, through my tears? Can I see the lightness of being, Beyond the weight of the world? Can I love myself, Borderless, boundless, unconditional? Please follow and like us:

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(Poem#13) The beauty of a heart cracked open

Thank you love For cracking me wide open Allowing me to open my heart again and again.   Thank you love For breaking me open Showing me There’s a choice again and again.   Thank you love For tearing me open Giving me All and no reason to cry.   Thank you love For cracking me wide open Surrendering me To feel deeply alive again and again.   Thank you love. Please follow and like us:

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The cosmic joke

We choose the decor that shapes our life

This life, it’s just one big joke. What we see, it’s only the decor. It’s not real. Nothing really is. Nothing. Not even the concept we call ‘I’ or ‘mine’. Even that’s a joke. One that we all believe. Until we see it through. Until we see there is a way out. That way out is by letting go. Letting go of everything: you name, your job, your status, your body – and eventually the whole concept that you believe you are. Only when you can let go of all of that, only then you will be free. What does it mean to be free? It means you have a choice. In each single moment, you can choose to open…

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Whiskey and chocolate for breakfast #2 (video)

Wisdom of the forest

After a three day retreat with my friend in England, being seculded in his cozy house, surrounded by fresh fruit, chocolate, tea and whiskey, I’m walking at the Hampstead Heath. The sun is shining and the trees are stunning. The last months have majorly confused me. Old beliefs have shaken loose. I thought I was sure about what I wanted, only to realise I was basically following expectations of others. This week of being out of my daily life gives me an opportunity to -sort of- look at myself from a distance. Realizing what I desire. I forgot that I love to nose through old bookstores. I forgot that I love crystals, pulling cards and other witchy stuff. I forgot…

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Are you familiar with the fascinating realm of synchronicities? Synchronicities are occurrences that are so much aligned with your path that they simply do not feel like pure coincidences. I like to believe that synchronicities show me the direction of my purpose. My heart-centered path of immense growth and happiness. Since I focus on my growth processes, my life appears to have central themes. Often this is a fear or insecurity that feels stuck in my being. This can be a childhood trauma, an accident or a limiting belief. When learning to appreciate my body was a theme, I was invited to come to intuitive dancing in contact with other people. I met people who told me out of the…

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Free Food

A few days ago I came across the Food is Free project. In this project people are invited to grow food in their front yard, and share it for free with their neighbors. A vision for the future is a community with free, fresh produce on the sides of the road, available for everyone. Along with growing food together, this model envisages to connect people, becoming friends and supporting one another. I totally love this idea of free food. We have enough resources on the earth to feed all people. Nevertheless, many people are starving to death. The rich countries use that many natural resources, causing poor countries having to cope with huge shortages. There are movements that preach we…

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Letter to my selves

Dear shy girl, Thank you for being a part of me. Thank you for providing me with a safe haven to protect my soul when I cannot run or walk away. You are always there to warn me when I’m about to cross my own borders without respecting them. Without respecting myself. Thank you for warning me when I don’t feel safe. Dear shy girl, I know it is not easy to let go of control. To step outside and really be present in situations where you feel vulnerable. Maybe, with the right people (and trust me, you are amazing intuitively finding the right people at the right time), it is okay to let go a bit more often. Don’t…

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