How 2014 changed my life

Wilrieke wild side

Now this would be a title I could use each year, because each year will gift chances and changes. But in several ways 2014 felt like a tilting-point-kind-of-year. You know, that feeling that you built towards something, and suddenly the critical mass has been reached and the balance tips over. That kind of feeling. There is one word that can describe this whole shift for me: abundance. Now you probably know the Law of Attraction, how we can attract everything we desire into our lives by believing it’s already there. Although I have been working on creating abundance for longer, the difference is that I now really feel abundant. I can feel a deepened trust in myself and the world.…

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Your thoughts are lying to you – and 3 steps to break the pattern

Yout thoughts are lying to you - and three steps to break the pattern

It’s a Tuesday evening. I love to spend my Tuesday evenings in Amsterdam, in a club where they organize amazing barefoot dancing events. Since I come there quite often, I know a lot of the people. Lovely human beings, warm hearted, open and curious. Halfway the evening I see a friend leaving. I was dancing and he passed me by very closely, following his friend. Until that moment I felt great. But suddenly my thoughts go wild. “Why is he leaving without saying anything? He must not like me anymore! What did I do, was I unkind in some way?” My vibe changes. I had been feeling beautiful, open, warm and happy. But in a few seconds I felt insecure,…

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