“How was your weekend?” What do you tell at the coffee machine?

how was your weekend?

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have an office job and meet my colleages on a Monday morning at the coffee machine, and being asked what my weekend was like. What would I answer? What would I not tell? What would I exaggerate? What would I feel insecure about? What would i brag about? Would I say something like: “My weekend was pretty okay. Went to a birthday party, met some friends in the city, had dinner with girlfriends and went to a Christmas market with my family.” Or something like: “My weekend was crazily intense! Dressed up as a panther for a sexy birthday party. Had a sleepover at my lovers’. Went to an eye-gazing experience…

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Do you let thoughts get in the way of your Life Purpose?

Life Purpose

Yesterday my thoughts tried everything to make me eat the things I don’t want to eat during my detox. There were many, many reasons to eat cheese, chocolate and nuts. I ended up eating a tomato. I woke up this morning with thoughts telling me I was failing this detox. I ate too much, I didn’t exercise enough and my body was just doing what I want it to do. Especially with the things I really want to do, the things alligned with my life purpose, my thoughts try to disctract me. Try to make me do other things. Telling me I’m too tired, not capable, I need to do other things first. I’ll do the things I really want…

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Video – Somewhere outside my comfort zone – Or: Rock your ukulele!

A few days ago a friend gave me an amazing, bright red ukulele. I loved it! Not that I knew how to play it, or any other string instrument for that matter… But I love learning new things, so I started practicing. In this video I share something WAY outside my comfort zone with you. The song I start with is one of my all-time favorite songs: Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. What is outside your comfort zone? What is your red ukulele? I’d love you to share your stories, videos, photos and comments with me on Facebook and Google+! Please follow and like us:

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Letter to my selves

Dear shy girl, Thank you for being a part of me. Thank you for providing me with a safe haven to protect my soul when I cannot run or walk away. You are always there to warn me when I’m about to cross my own borders without respecting them. Without respecting myself. Thank you for warning me when I don’t feel safe. Dear shy girl, I know it is not easy to let go of control. To step outside and really be present in situations where you feel vulnerable. Maybe, with the right people (and trust me, you are amazing intuitively finding the right people at the right time), it is okay to let go a bit more often. Don’t…

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